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    10 Things to Ask When Choosing a 3D Partner

    3DPartnerGoodFit_300At a recent trade show, we found ourselves busting myths about 3D digital asset creation. In all cases, perceptions about the process, turnaround time and quality had more to do with the 3D partner than with the realities of 3D image and animation creation. 

    Digital asset creation can actually be a time-, budget- and headache-saving endeavor if you choose the right partner and ask the right questions.

    When choosing a partner, be sure to ask:

    1. Is the project team comfortable working with numerous departments within an organization?
      Producing successful 3D product images and animations requires the ability to “speak the language” of personnel in various departments. Ask how company team members interact with their clients’ in-house engineers, product managers, marketing directors and graphic designers.
    2. Is the company familiar with/experienced in using source files?
      The ability to track down and use engineering files like Pro-E and Solidworks is critical to ensuring strict product-image accuracy and consistency. Typically, traditional marketing agencies aren’t even aware of the existence of these important files. Ask about the team’s “comfort level” with engineering files and other source files.
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    Is Your Best Product Content Sitting Under Your Nose?

    Once upon a time in a land far far away, consumers were satisfied to learn about a product by simply reviewing features printed on a sales tag, consulting with an all-knowing salesperson and getting a magical in-person demo. Consumers lived happily ever after — making decisions based on limited product information.

    But enough with the fairy tale…

    Today’s savvy consumers are far more resourceful. They want to be as smart as the salesperson the minute they walk into the store. They want to understand complex product features, feel confident about installation and decide for themselves whether the product will benefit them.

    In short: The consumer no longer wants to be “sold to.” They want to be an educated, informed partner in the transaction.

    In fact, in today’s retail environment, online product information increasingly trumps information from in-store personnel.

    “Over 90 percent of consumers research a product online prior to making a purchase in a store.” — National Retail Federation


    “43% of consumers said they would trust a sales associate more if the associate was aided by a web-connected device.” — Point of Sales News

    So, how can you produce informational and educational content for consumers without reinventing the wheel or breaking your marketing budget? The answer may be closer than you think.

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