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    One Geometry – Multiple Outputs

    One Geometry, Multiple OutputsOne of the great advantages of using 3D product images over traditional photography is that a single piece of geometry can yield many different digital assets. For example:

    • A single model or SKU could have a shot list including:
      • Head on view
      • Isometric views
      • Additional views for packaging (top down, side view)
      • Hero Shots
      • Detail views of the controls
      • Propped and Unpropped
      • Interior Views
      • Cutaways/Exploded Views
      • 360° spinners
    • In addition, more product variations could result from:
      • Finishes and color options
      • Variations for different Brands
      • Special versions for Channel Partners

    Once we have the 3D assets, they can also be used in photo integrations, 3D set shots, and even product animations.

    Best Practice: Creating multiple outputs at the same time increases efficiency and can potentially lower your overall costs. Take the time to consider the different imagery you might need for you and your channel partners. Of course, if you find you need additional images later, those can easily be added to your project.

    A Simple Example: One Geometry – Three Outputs

    In this basic example we worked with Symmons on a new faucet where one file resulted in three outputs, showcasing the different finishes available.

    Benefit: With 3D images, you can ensure that all of your product shots have the same angle, lighting, and brand consistency you are looking for.

    Notice how the geometry stays the same for all three versions of this faucet. The only that changes is the finish.

    Notice how the geometry stays the same for all three versions of this faucet. The only thing that changes is the finish.

    Three Pieces of Geometry – 16 Outputs

    Of course some jobs involve more than one file, like this project we did for Maytag that included a washer and dryer along with a pedestal.

    From these three files we were able to produce a library of 16 outputs – 15 images and one 360° Spinner.

    Benefit: Once your geometry is imported into our software for 3D product images, it can also be rotated to create a 360° spinner.

    Washer Variations:

    Washer Variations

    Dryer Variations:

    Dryer Variations

    Washer and Dryer configurations:

    Washer and Dryer Configurations

    Washer and Dryer on Pedestal Variations:

    Washer and Dryer on Pedestal Variations

    Not only can 3D images keep the lighting and angles consistent, they can make it easy to adjust one aspect of the product in each shot.

    Hero Shots:

    Hero Shots Side by Side

    Detail Shot:


    360° spinner:

    All the Possibilities – During Production and After

    Another plus is that if product details change after the initial engineering files are sent to manufacturing, the 3D images can be updated – without having to start from scratch.

    Best Practice: Send your 3D geometry to MediaLab at the same time your engineering files are approved for manufacturing. This will allow you to have your product images created at the same time (or even before) your products are manufactured.

    This can also be useful after the product has launched. If you update the product, the 3D product images can be updated in tandem — maximizing your use of existing assets.

    Silverhawk Electric Range

    Silverhawk Gas Range While the products are new to the market, existing imagery was able to be repurposed with specific updates (knobs and graphics) that eliminated the need for new physical product to be sourced.

    What Does This Mean For Your Next Project?

    While there are still some companies that rely on traditional photography, this is changing. Especially when you consider the volume of images needed for new products.

    “We have furniture manufactures that are producing hundreds of images before the products are even manufactured.

    We have appliance companies that need hundreds of images to cover all of their different variations.

    We have kitchen and bath clients that use 3D product images for web and product packaging images.

    The common feature among all of these clients is they are realizing greater scale, and finding 3D allows them to get ahead of the product images they need.”

    – Jeff Morrow
    Senior Account Executive, MediaLab

    Consider evaluating 3D product images if:

    • Your list of product images is more than 10
    • You are having to wait for product to ship from the manufacturing facility to the studio
    • Physical product will not arrive in time for you get the images you need for product launch
    • You have multiple variations or finishes and you want consistency among all of your images
    • Your products have multiple configuration options
    • You have a rapid development, prototype, and launch process
    • Your photo studio is backed up and will not be able to get to your project in time for product launch
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