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    MediaLab 3D Solutions Wins 2014 Coolest Office Space Award

    Badge-v01Recently, the Tampa Bay Business Journal crowned us one of the coolest office spaces in the Bay Area. In the process, they discovered the secret behind our ability to garner top talent and keep it. It’s all about the Foosball.

    Seriously, though, we couldn’t be prouder of our brand-new office space, and our cutthroat Foosball action (awesome though it may be) is just one small part of it. We believe it’s not just about paychecks and paid holidays. You need an inviting work environment to keep people happy and productive, not a gray cubicle-dwellers wasteland.

    And, when you build your business on artistry and innovation, you need a great creative space to make the magic happen. So, we decided to invest in our team’s environment in order to reap the richest creative fruit. And the payoff was immediate. After just a month, revenue and productivity were already trending up.

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    Collaboration, Comfort…and Cappuccino

    breakroom 05flat_croppedWhen we began planning our new space, we knew we wanted an open, collaborative environment that would promote creativity and ingenuity — precisely what we provide our clients. That meant adjustable sit/stand desks for ergonomic comfort, as well as fun break spaces, free snacks and gourmet coffee to help employees unplug and replenish their creative juices.


    More than 2,000 of our total 20,000 square feet are devoted to employee spaces like our fully-stocked gym and game room. We brought in new furnishings like file cabinet cubes that double as benches so coworkers can huddle-up without hovering over each other. We also had a chance to work with a couple of clients like Exemplis and Whirlpool in completing the new space.

    Then, we invited employees to make their spaces their own.

    Connecting With Our Community

    As we planned the move, we saw a chance to give back to our community in the process. In addition to displaying our own employees’ art, we commissioned local artists to create some incredible wall murals. And, 40% of our new furnishings are remanufactured, keeping 24,000 pounds of waste out of our local landfills.


    The Face Behind the Space

    Our VP of Client Services, Jennifer McComas, was the genius behind our new space — with a tireless commitment to an environment that would inspire and support our team of 3D artists, developers, account managers and execs.

    0436897“Design that’s actually useful — that’s the focus of both our work and our space. Bold and energetic, with a mix of art styles, but always an eye on utility and value. Our employees’ creative solutions make consumers’ lives easier. We wanted to reciprocate.”

    — Jennifer McComas, interior design consultant and VP, Client Services & Production Operations

    A Few of Our Favorite Spots:

    Our collaborative spaces, built for spontaneous discussion and idea sharing.


    The Roy Lichtenstein-inspired TV wall in the kitchen/breakroom.  The color-saturated kitchen is über-social, with plenty of space for office luncheons and expansive countertops designed to hold massive quantities of brain food. That sweet espresso maker and free snacks are a nice bonus.breakroom 01aflat
    Our desks, personalized and unique. I still can’t decide whether I like the Space Invaders, Lego men or Red Bull machine best.


    My office (of course!)  I wanted an environment that reflected my personality. Again, a special thanks to Jen McComas for making this happen. This space incorporates my love of motorcycles and planes and has a sleek “retro machine” feel. It’s more sophisticated man-cave than cold office.

    5_mikes office01flat

    Here’s what our clients and employees have to say:

    “I am pleased to know we are partnering with a company that cares about their employee’s work environment. It really matters. You are very talented, deserve it 100%.”
    Lorena Morales, Creative Director, Masonite (Client)

     “The environment contributes 100% to overall joy. Natural light, sit/stand desks, and many other elements contribute to everyone’s overall feeling of happiness at work.”
    Steve Chubboy, Senior Software Architect and Team Lead

    “The new environment has greatly increased collaboration among my production team.”
    Jeff Morrow, Senior Account Executive

     “I LOVE my office and am so grateful for it. Thank you for honoring me with such an amazing work space. I appreciate it so much and am so proud to work in this space.”
    Nate Kuslansky, Supervisor of Account Management

     “I just wanted to thank you all for this nice office space and all that you have provided so that we feel good at work. I really like the new office and feel the difference already.”
    Susana Garcia, 2D Floorplan Artist

    “The new office is nothing short of amazing!! Thank you for all the work you have put in to making this place awesome.”
    Ellen Kramp, Junior Account Manager

    The place looks amazing and feels even better. You really outdid yourselves.”
    Ciera Gomez, 2D Floorplan Artist

    But, come see the new space for yourself.

    Not only do we invite you to come by, we challenge you to a game of Classic Pacman or Foosball if you can take the heat.culture09

    Mike Lozicki

    Mike Lozicki

    President & CEO at MediaLab 3D Solutions
    As President and CEO of MediaLab 3D Studio, Mike Lozicki pushes the envelope every day in the areas of 3D animation and imaging for business. Whether he’s helping a national home builder launch an interactive sales center—or working with a leading consumer products manufacturer on demonstrating new product features —Mike knows how to leverage 3D solutions to engage consumers, strengthen customer service and improve sales.
    Mike Lozicki

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