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    QR Codes, After the Sale

    After the Sale: Using QR Codes to Deliver on Product PromisesThere’s a lot of hype around QR codes as one-click sales and marketing tools. And we’ve seen a ton of executions aimed at wooing consumers before the sale – links to promotional content, online reviews, slick branding videos and landing pages.

    But what about after you’ve gotten the customer to fall in love with your product and take it home?

    Here’s where consumers get left in the lurch – feeling frustrated, abandoned and on their own. Confusing printed instruction manuals leave them with questions. User error leads to lack of confidence in the product (and the brand). Improper assembly leads to product damage. And, all of that confusion and frustration leads to customer service calls, complaints and returns.

    Keeping the customer satisfied is as critical as securing the initial sale.

    QR codes that deliver instructional animation help boost customer satisfaction and reduce service incidents and returns. Animation makes “how-to” steps simple and surpasses video in its demonstrative ability. Easy access to guided instructions via QR code and a mobile device, puts help on-hand to squelch customer frustrations the very moment they arise. When done well, QR codes can head off consumer frustration altogether by following through on the promises made before the sale.

    Why it works

    Pairing instructional animation’s multimedia learning benefits and superior demonstration ability with the mobile accessibility of QR codes is the key.

    • It’s easy. Animated instructions are easy to follow and don’t make customers think too hard.
    • It’s convenient. Engaging step-by-step directions are accessible right there during installation, assembly or first-time use.
    • It’s mobile. QR code content can be pulled up on an iPad or smartphone for on-the-spot guided help in just about any setting.
    • It works. Multimedia learning is proven to shorten the learning curve and up retention. Instructional animations boost engagement with sight, sound and in many cases interactivity.
    • It makes sense. If your product is truly designed to make life easier or better for the customer, your instructional content should do the same.

    How Whirlpool Does It

    Whirlpool includes a QR code right on their dryer, linking to an instructional animation on the proper installation of vent material. Without proper ventilation, clothes take longer to dry – sucking up energy and consumer confidence in the product. Whirlpool’s smart use of a QR code post-sale ensures efficiency, energy savings and optimal performance – following through on pre-sale promises and delivering on brand integrity.Check out the animation with your phone’s QR Code Reader to see what Whirlpool’s customers see during installation.


    Imagine the Possibilities
    Our infographic explores other pre-sale promises and potential post-sale follow-throughs.


    Chime In
    Where might consumers get stuck with your product? Are there procedural steps that would be better demonstrated? What are you doing to make these things easier for them?

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